Become a Facilitator. 


This is a call to our future leaders. to the movers, shakers and change makers of tomorrow. The storytellers. The innovators.

We are currently seeking 4-5 Facilitators to join the Dream Team.

Dream Big will be hosting a series of Dream Big Events in 2020 focused on forging greater links between schools, education institutions and industry. This is geared to bring together a group of motivated, diverse leaders to drive and influence the ability and aspiration of young people considering STEAM careers.

Facilitator roles are to be volunteer-based positions who can be either university/VET students or industry professionals. It is essential that you have a passion for STEAM and have the ability to re-imagine how we shape a better future for the world.

By now you might be thinking: “Hey that’s me! I want to do that! I have a passion for STEAM! I want to be a future LEADER!” We are calling out to you. These are the mindsets we want to connect with and equip to be our event leaders.

So, when do we start? Right now!


Meet our facilitators.


Rebecca Agius



Beck Agius is a facilitator with Dream Big Australia and a Senior Electrical Technician with Energy Queensland. Beck is  passionate about diversity and equality, so she is heavily involved with several extra-curricular activities and organisations that seek to increase the diversification of the workplace, and to ensure a safe and inclusive culture for all employees, especially in the STEAM workforce. Her role with Energy Queensland allows her to utilise her electrical and planning skills in a role that demands immense attention to detail as well as the ability to proactively manage safety, workflow, process, asset lifecycle and supply issues. Outside of work, Beck enjoys her downtime in activities such as motorcycle riding and mentoring of women riders, and spending time with her friends and pets.